Friday, June 24, 2005

Customizing Xcode's documentation window

Xcode's online documentation is quite handy. However, if you have a powerbook, it's also somewhat of a pain, because the documentation window is large, and multi-paned, and full of large text and images. It reminds me of old parodies of Microsoft Word, where there would be so many toolbars and sidebars that there was no room for the actual text.

I don't know of any way to fix that problem, but you _can_ make the text smaller, adjust the fonts used, etc in the Xcode documentation window.

Since most of the docs are lifted (repurposed) from Apple's web site, they're all HTML files, and they all share common (CSS) style sheets. You can edit the style sheets (they're just text files) and change the appearance of the window.

The main one to edit is "/Developer/ADC Reference Library/documentation/Resources/CSS/frameset_styles.css", but there are many css files in the /Developer hierarchy. You can look for styles that contain stuff like "font-size: 24px", and change them.

Explore! Have fun!


At 12:00 PM, Blogger Alan Bird said...

When selecting the documentation file to view, if you double-click, it will open into a separate window without all the multi-pane extras. Or, if you control-click in the page content you can select "Open Page in New Window." If you select "Open Page in Browser" it will display in your web browser where it is easy to adjust the text size.


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